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My Sweet Project!

A few months ago, the goal of this blog was to share with you recipes and new ideas for every kind of sweets! I got distracted though with work and college (then came the summer…) and by then we had lost contact! So I decided to start something different, a bet for myself with you the observants.

My Sweet Project!

Every week will have a different theme. It will be defined by you, by voting your favorite sweet! As soon as the “chosen” one is decided, the whole week will be dedicated to it!

More detailed:

  • Mondays will be dedicated to the history and the origins of the sweet,
  • Tuesdays to articles, to useful and interesting information and to its variations,
  • Wednesdays to recipes from famous chefs,
  • Thursdays to places where we can taste that particular sweet,
  • Fridays will be the days that we’ll be trying the recipe together,
  • Saturdays we’ll have our closure and hopefully your participation.

So how about starting with the first sweet?

The voting will end on Friday.



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